is an online shop that offers convenient, discreet, and fashionable wear for lightweight face masks and gloves. In the state-of-the-art EU, they are planned and manufactured using the most cutting-edge technologies. Approved to serve the Board of Directors are Jaromír Muchka (Chairman), Martin Matoušekek .

99 percent of viruses are minimized by ViralOff®
The new antiviral treatment technology from the Swedish company Polygiene® is ViralOff®. Thanks to a groundbreaking self-cleaning feature, it reduces 99 per cent of viruses on the surface of the mask within two hours. ( ISO 18184:2019 certifies the technology)

Blocks pollution, (viruses) and bacteria by up to 99.8%
Up to 99.8 percent of pollutants usually present in the air we breathe such as smog, bacteria, pollen and other allergens and contaminants can be blocked by nanofilters in our är Face masks. Nelson Labs has successfully tested the ability of the filter material to block today’s common viruses.

Light and consolation
As usual, go about your day. Our är Face masks are lightweight and are built for everyday use on a regular basis, making them extremely comfortable to wear. We go to great lengths to have the most cosy and breathable masks available today on the market for our customers.

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